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founded by Vidyaranya became the centre of a large kingdom.
In the reign of Harihararaya, a certain Srirangaraya became
the abbot (in Srlrangam). Details of his honours and duties.
Vicissitudes of shrines during Muslim invasions before the
foundation of Yijayanagara. Gifts to the temple and its rela-
tions with Vijayanagara.

pp. 116-25.

After the disturbances in Srirangam thus came to an end,
Periya Krsnarayar Uttama-nambi went several times to the
court of Harihararaya, and in the course of fifteen years from
Saka 1304 Rudhirodgari to the year Isvara, he obtained about
thirteen gifts (tiruvidaiyattam) with libations of water
(itdakadhara) from the hands of Harihararaya Maharaya,
Goppana Udaiyar, Viruppana Udaiyar, Muttaya Dannayaka,
Tammanna-Udaiyar, Pradhani Soniappa Dannayaka's secre-
tary Annar Groppannar and others. He also renovated
the anaiylrra-ma&dapa which had fallen into disrepair dnring
the war. Annappa Udaiyar of Nagaraangalara covered the four
pillars of the amudu-waydapa with gilded copper-plates, and
covered with silver the plank in the centre on which the sacred
food (tirupponakam) is spread. In course of time, Timma
Rahutta. who was in the service of Saluva Gropalaraja, removed
this silver and made a Jcopparai (wide-mouthed vessel) there-
with, made a maJcara-torana fox the sacred gate of Tiru-
vanukkan and gilded the gate, and likewise covered its doors
with gilded plates, and also encased in gilded plates the pltha
(pedestal) of the Selvar of the Sacred Arangam (tint-
varangaccelvar). The sacred cot (palUkkattil) of ivory placed
in the sacred mandapa of Alagiya-lfanavala was made by
Harihararaya as his gift. Periya Krsnarayar Uttama-nambi
did the holy duties of Vedacaryabhatfa for four years from Saka
1318, Isvara,